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will manmohan singh government last till june 2007


Manmohan Singh government is forcibly implementing 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in Central educational institutes from june 2007.

they have not consulted with the affected students, whose future they are going to jeopardise.

they have started taking regressive measures like dismissing residents doctors who are striking and started conducting interviews.

manmohan singh government will fall if any or combination of following happens

1) students protest engulfs all states and school / college students from arts/science/engineering students join the protest

2) stock market crashes to 4000-6000 level, (yes it is possible) once FII start believing, Indias has no future as a so called forward looking prime minister Manmohan Singh is not even uttering a word against it.

3) intellects, filmstars, and common people start supporting the students cause

4) labour unions start support students cause

5) President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam dismisses the government, if the strikes becomes law and order problem, and government mismanages it. Mmost probably it will mismanage with its incompetent minsters and a prime minister who cannot manage/control his cabinet

let us see if Manmohan Singh Government last till june 2007

update:9th june 2006

markets still falling, sensex from a peak of 12006 points has fallen down to 9285 (closing on 8th june), about 23% down in 50 days.


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created:05/23/2006 07:27PM
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