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I am a great fan of Watir, but I do not use it for all the work, as it becomes slower.

For my company's new site, which is on rails, I had to do link validations and also analysis of links, keywords, page size etc.

I used Ruby WWW::Mechanize, to build a custom bot to identify and crawl all pages, and collect statistics

Results: my site has 120+ pages and 7000+ internal links, 50+ external links, this includes content from our CMS.

also it found few broken links, which we were able to fix.

webserver logs, website tracking tools are useful for analysis

I use Watir for small testing tasks like authentication, js bugs, screenshots.

regards SenthilNayagam p.s. part of my select posts on mail groups and blog feedbacks

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created:05/20/2006 08:41PM
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