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reservation on everything


lets have reservation in everything.

lets reserve 50% seats for reserved people on flight and train , cinema theatres, hospitals, events.

India hardly makes any achievement in most competitive categories.

lets make 50% reserved candidates mandatory in our cricket. once we will start losing all games, people will stop watching cricket for good, all Sponsors will stop paying, let BCCI get bankrupt. Hardly anyone watches hockey or football , I mean the national team.

lets make 50% ceiling on govt to spend on upliftment of downtrodden. Lets ensure reserved people pay taxes proportional to their proportional strength.

lets bring law for making education mandatory.

Parents not sending to school should be punished with minimum life imprisonment they are getting their whole future generation, eligible for reservation, But do we have enough Jails.

government schools where pass percentage less than 70% teachers should be terminated.

Let there be realistic usage charges on water, electricity. No more freebies for votes.

pro-reservation, tags: reservation
created:06/08/2006 06:27PM
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