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reservation arguments and counter arguments

Senthil Chenthil said "Already TN has 69% reservation, and I don't think that has reduced the quality of skilled manpower."

that is only in Engineering after private colleges were allowed, we have surplus seats now(few thousand vacant for past few years)

thats not the case with Medicine, let the govt allow every 500 bed hospital to have its own medical/dental/pharmacy college. there would be surplus there too.

it is not about motives of the people who implement it or support it, it is the consequences that will be faced by merituous students.

earlier government was the largest employer, reservation has been made there, now it has fewer new vacancies.

now government also wants reservation in private sectors also

there is no time limit set for withdrawal of reservations, so there is no motive for people getting reservations to be merituous.

I have heard proposals for promotions based on reservations, recruitment in defence forces based on reservations

if government does not mend its ways, India is going to be another France where emloyers cant fire an employee easily, so they seldom hire, which has led to highest unemployment rates in europe.

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created:05/29/2006 09:11PM
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