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learning by doing


some of you already know, My Team is building a Huge Rails Application. Nthid.
#this is in response to
Exception Notifier plugin is a great plugin. As a manager I ensure every crash is reported, analyzed and fixed.

I have few thousand mails which I have collected from exception notifier.
I have sorted the bugs by 
db (bad sql/connection/migration/
file(file not found/ file permissioning/file upload)
nil class
exception not properly handled
browser specific errors

we also do logging within application to know response time by for different actions.

we have a bug/request tracking system where we have over 300 tickets handled in last 3 months.

we have reduced the crashes and bugs by 95%(from Jan 2007) and are now optimising 

optimisation we were able to reduce the query by over 90%. by caching query results, improving algorithms.

with nearly 2000 commits in a year, we have learnt a lot about Rails and programming practices.

it has been a great learning experience.
each bug is potentially "how not to" program exercise :)

// I am getting lazy, writing more stuff as replies than as oroginal articles

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created:07/25/2007 06:12AM
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