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how to disable firefox update after auto download


This is further to my post in firefox bug.

I am unhappy with auto update feature, especially,  which mysteriously changes browser behaviour. I had few login problems associated with cookies.
Firefox cookie problem with sessions

though was able to revert back to due to support from other users

but somehow, autoupdate download happened again(not sure if it was my wife, kid or my os), while i was checking my mail. it just informed to restart browser to update to .

This time I had more time to sort things in my own way.
This is how I solved it, Hope some of you benefits too. go to firefox install folder

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox (in my system)
Delete following files
and updates folder

you are safe this time :)

firefox, tags: Technology Annoyances, firefox
created:05/10/2006 07:59AM
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