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google adsense not suitable for new blogs


Posted on: 2005/6/18 4:09

hi nicks0r,

google has become a big boys toy,

for startups like me and you, the ads what we get on the so called context sensitive ads is 'pathetic' in general to 'average' at best

the keywords and the bid is for low priced ads, which is one of the reason we dont make much.

as of date I have made less than 1$ on adsense(my last 15 days performance).

but have now found the main why we dont get better ads, the reason is keywords, you need to analyse the keywords and the ads what we get.

some of the people who have understood those are selling them as ebooks

Have identified some good keywords for my site.

But they are not very effective for blogs

REASON: we have many articles with different themes, so number of keyword and the density goes up and causes the mismatch of ads

writing my own code to tweak the performance of my articles.

got some initial sucess, but will not be depending exclusively on it anymore

*** never put all your eggs in the same basket ***

we need to have a right mix of revenue sources

we need to have CPM, CPC and CPA ads

1) enough CPM revenue to sustain our sites

2) enough CPC revenue to grow our site

3) CPA is our bonus

yet to get a good cpm ad for my site ,as i dont want , adult, gmabling and other kind of ads, which i dont want my site to be associated with

also for CPA Ads we dont have metrics for effectiveness of CTR so developing a clicktracking, and ad rotation myself

I also think we need a exclusive CPM advertisers for blogs

hope that give you a idea of how to go about

you can check my site to see few things i have implemented


centext: my reply to "best sponsor besides google? / best ways to promote" on blogger forum

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