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from ideas to reality

Senthil Nayagam

Here is what my friend Dinesh, sent me just today. 

 We have been friends for over 3 years now, and we would discuss issues, ideas and other things. We would have brainstormed about over 50 concepts for startup we wanted to build.

things have changed a bit, we still discuss projects . but now I work for a startup, and Dinesh manages a Ruby on Rails, development firm. hope of some of our ideas would come out as viable projects in 2007.


"Below are the lines of Manirathnam about his movie Guru. This reflects most of our conversation about various products or projects... :)"

When did the basic spark about this character come to you?

Most ideas remain inside you for a while. You tell somebody when there is a spark or a thought, and leave it at that. You come back later, write down a few lines. I makes note in my mind on whether it can be made into a film or not. After a while, you take it again and structure it in three or four pages and see whether it becomes a story, and whether you can define the characters a little more. Then you may do something else, and come back after 6 months or one year to see whether it still makes sense to you. Only when things fall into place do you make a film. The gestation period could be something like 3 years.

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