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anti reservation



your mail was long

let different people have different opinions how to achieve a goal, thats what freedom of speech and expression is all about.

let us discuss how we get our points to the world and get our genuine concerns, be taken care of by lawmakers.

whats against us?

1) no party has publicly opposed the reservation.
2) we dont have referrundums for policies
3) it is very difficult to repeal laws
4) media and politicians are trying to put our objections and protest of few medical students and upper cast people
also earlier this month PM was asking industry to have reservation in private sector.

we need oppose both and have a medium term stratergy

lets learn how they do it in US and other countries save the internet is on such site, which oppose net neutrality act.

I would suggest we create more media interest and also have our site with more media interest content, use your mobile cams, take photos, videos interview people, we will get all hosted on our site and also youtube(video), flickr(photos).

I will do my best to get max attention for our site on blogs and sites

let us be different
let us be better

Senthil Nayagam

context: anti-reservation campaigns and differences within

p.s. part of my select posts on mail groups and blog feedbacks,

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created:05/20/2006 08:44PM
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