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Why Ruby on Rails is cool


Ruby on Rails is cool because it has

1) generators
most basic code structure is autogenerated
if you understand ruby/rails conventions, it takes most repetitive tasks

2) webrick
running app is super cool in development environment

3) active records scaffold
get your first db based app functioning without writing code
has create, update,delete, list(with pagination) inbuilt
code can be customised once you generate the code(works without generate too)

4) Ajax with inbuilt libraries
prototype,scriptaculous and other are inbuild
gives the cool web2.0 look and effects without that extra work

5) ruby templates
view are templates(rhtml,rxml(using builder) and rjs(from 1.1)) which uses erb, so ruby for all activity so new language or conventions to follow

6) validation
active records has inbuilt validation classes, which are very natural and understandable

7) db abstaction with Active records
even non generated code can use db is intuitive ways, also tabe relationships handled very well
#you need to unlearn a few old DB assumptions(eg DB design is for DB designers),
#some db programmers will complain about 'id' as primary key

8) capistrano (earlier called "switch tower") and rails engine
hosting , deployments, scaling made as easy as 123

9) rails plugins

10) rails engine

11) migrations

12) rake

13) inbuilt testing
basic test code is generated, unit tests,functional tests,mocks, integration tests(1.1) , you just need to  fill in

also you can rub test without running webserver(post/get/action etc is simulated)
application benchmarking, profiling inbuilt

14) logs

15) yml based configuration and fixtures

16) console

17) active mailer

18) working environments
seperate environments and support tools

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created:05/25/2006 05:10AM
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