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Why JJ can lose this time


tamilnadu politics has changed after demise of MGR.

being a good candidate or belonging to a party may not be enough to win.

different parties are depending on vote bank of particular cast/community and religion.

1) JJ and Sasikala were depending on thevar community for vote in many regions, but Karthik of forward block can pull a good share, that is why FB candidates are being threatened.

last Lok Sabha election washout has taken JJ on defensive, Jayalalitha is not speaking directly again KK, she bought Vaiko, Sarath Kumar, and Visu to do the job.

2) Vaiko has been made a Dummy, people have started believing he took money for joining ADMK front

3) Sarath Kumar’s comunity people are opposing him now for joining ADMK, they expected him to join their nadar peravai.

4) All questions raised by DPA were answered by Visu(on yesterdays jaya TV program) and not JJ, it looked very orchestrated, also Visu joining ADMK and supporting every act of JJ now, makes him less credible. Had he done without joining ADMK more people would have trusted him

5) Govt. Employee Dismissals during strike created a ill will among them, they did not allow any electoral malpractice, which led to last lok sabha results. The core issue is not yet solved

this is again a delicate election small swing by undecided voters can change huge fortunes

A higher voting percentage means loss for ruling party, lets see the exit poll and poll percentages in next 2 days.

What ultimately matters is what candidate or party will the voter push the button for in the polling booth.

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created:05/07/2006 10:07AM
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