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Ruby on Rails Hosting with Technical Support by Experienced Rails Developer


I am Offering Rails hosting, on a shared server,

features included

Ruby on rails, using FCGI
shell and FTP access
SVN based version control

sorry no trac for now, can provide php based bug tracking tools

initial setup with capistrano based deployment and troubleshooting support

you can host one domain,( 1 domain name(.com,.net,.org, or .info) included in the package)
upto 5 subdomains
upto 5 email accounts

mail account with IMAP/POP3 and SMTP

disk space, 1 GB
bandwidth, 10GB/month

Price 100$ annually,

no setup fees

no hidden charges,

it is a full touch based hosting, mostly manual setup, you will never feel disillutioned, helpless, will provide you continuous regular support.

expect prompt service  as I am a developer myself, I know what frustrations we face with some hosting companies and their technical support team.

I will also be offering technical support, If you have already taken a hosting elsewhere and need technical . 


  • non-refundable
  • do not misuse, like sending spam,
  • no adult hosting
  • all support is provided by mail, IM and phone(no 1-800 number yet)


for  enquiries and ordering  mail me at or use the contact form link at top of the page




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created:06/29/2006 07:30AM
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