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RailsRumble Vote for us

Senthil Nayagam

Some of you already know.

We have participated in RailsRumble, Ruby on rails competition which was held on 8th and 9th September, and we have done a good job.

 our project is called Bazaar, an Ecommerce Application

Bazaar means Shopping Area(aka Mall).

It is a online shopping site with shopping cart, product/inventory management, and other related activities.

 winners will be chosen from most/top voted application

please visit and vote for my project here

voting requires a small registration form to be filled

we are curently in top5 your vote can make a difference

you can also ask your friends to vote if it is good enough,

 total participants 92 from around the world, we are one of the 2 participant teams from India

If we win or make it into  top3 we will make this Application Open Source, and will continue developing it to make it the preferred ecommerce application  in Ruby on Rails


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created:09/13/2007 10:12PM
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