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On 6/17/06, claudio pacchiega <*****@******.com> wrote:

    Hi, sorry for disturbing you with this, hope this is very quick ;)
    I've just downloaded the rails appliances from the vmware site and launched it with either vmware workstation and vmplayer and following your instructions, after
    just starting the machine, even a simple
    lynx localhost
    is giving 403 forbidden error. :(

    I tried even from the external but the 403 error is always coming.
    I'm using windows xp, and I followed all the instructions in your readme, including the drivers IP renaming ( rforum.tmp). BTW: why we are referring to rforum.tmp while it is indeed in /www/rforum? I'm missing some points... ;)

    Hoping you are willing to give me these elementary pieces of advise,
    greetings from a sunny Italy,

    Claudio Pacchiega

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hi claudio,
the virtual appliance was planned to have and run multiple rails applications.

the only way a rails application can be distinguished within a web server is through a app name, if you run a application on a server you will find they are all run on a domain or a sub-domain.

we are just utilising those facts, there is a workaround available but it is diffcult and unnatural.

all you need to do is have names for your project and add those to virtual host entries on lighttpd, we have already created a virtual entry for rforum as rforum.tmp so that it does not sound like a real domain :)

you also need to add it to your hosts file, as no DNS entry is available. pasting the instructions for windows, IP for your virtual appliance will be something like 192.*.*.* any class C address which you configured.

"if you are using windows (IP is the ip assigned to your server or which you configured, in network config)
add the following DNS entries in your hosts file ()
IP rforum.tmp"

Benefits of this approach is we are able to run multiple applications on a singe instace of virtual appliance, we have tested this in running multiple versions of same app, in production and development environment

hope you get my point.

if you love the app, please vote for the appliance.

A.Senthil Nayagam
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created:06/16/2006 06:27PM
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