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RJS Templates for Rails


this book came to me on 15th, but never had the time to finish it, but today I had a reason to complete it

senthilnayagams review

RJS Templates for Rails: Cody Fauser

I had been hearing about RJS from laste december, when it finally arrived with rails 1.1, I wanted to try my hands with it.

but there was no single source, who went beyond the basics.

cody fauser has done a excellent job with this book.

step by step approach. not overwhelming you with too much information.

author starts with a simple thought_log , a "to do" style app.

1) all code can be cut and pasted, and works clean

2) proper explanations

3) advanced features shown and covered(I have not yet seen it on any other blog), eg.
a) debugging RJS, scriptaculous with firebug firefox plugin 
b)javascript callbacks for Ajax requests
c) model validations and showing errors with RJS
d) RJS refactoring
e)Ajax Global Responders

1) small typo's exist,
a) page 25 -> app/views/new.rjs should be app/views/expenses/new.rjs
b) page 31 views/expenses/_form.rhtml should be views/expenses/_new.rhtml as there are no form partial.

2) if sam stephenson had added few notes on design considerations while designing RJS, it would have been another gem for every rails user

I have tested and succeeded with more RJS in last 2 hours than the last few months searching and testing code from blogs.

overall rating, if you are a self learner, a very good buy,

A.Senthil Nayagam


 p.s. :

have submitted this review to oreilly and also the erratas  which I mentioned

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created:06/21/2006 02:52AM
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