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Outsourcing for Small Business


You have got a New Project / Order for which your customer wants a new features , which It is not your competency.

the choice before you is

a) convince the client that it is not possible/required
b) You can learn it yourself, buy the licence for neccesary tools, do the job
c) Recruit a specialist in that field, buy the licence for neccesary tools, do the job

I can give reasons why the above 3 solutions may not be always practical

a) never do it, the client may leave you and go for other people who can do it

b) not always practical, you are supposed to get the the task done not do it yourself, your management will be the first to object for this solution

c) hiring is not a solution if you do not expect enough long term projects for justifying creation of a vacancy, also it is
i) a time consuming process from giving job ad to paying recruitment consultant to training the new hand with your way of work, ii) Salary benefits, relocation etc iii) Software license cost for 3d, animation and few other specialities are prohibitively expensive

You gave 3 solutions and say all 3 may not work, what is the alternative then.
Get it done outside(your company) it could be a freelancer / consultant / specialist / jobwork / company.

The concept is OUTSOURCING.

Outsourcing is supposed to be a bad word, have heard so much during american election, there are some sites and friends of mine who say, it takes away jobs, one of my friends firends friend have lost a job to india , he got bangalored.

so you have heard about 'outsourcing', but you have only half the info, that too it is twisted to suit speaker's agenda

OUTSOURCING do not take away jobs.

it creates options where none existed

some big companies are doing for saving big bucks

but others(most) are doing for survival,

you have been doing outsourcing all your life, from the first diaper cleaning service, the mcdonald home delivery service, boutique, drycleaner all are service which you utilised, they helped you to  save time by  bringing convenience.

I suggest you to get the small part of the task done outside instead of refusing the project(getting it done locally or abroad, the choice is 100% yours, but remember, your customer is smart, he wants value for his money spent, not all can charge premium for the service)

I wrote this blog entry last year, while going through by backups got the content

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created:05/13/2006 04:49AM
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