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Opera vs Firefox


initially posted on:August 26th, 2005
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I do not agree with you a bit.

it is my 10th year on the net. have seen and used, lynx, mosaic, netscape, internet explorer, opera, mozilla and firefox.

opera was always a fringe player, will remain so. I am not happy with the plugin architecture and its extensionbility. I agree it was the first compact standard compliant browser.

maybe you should compare it with niche product like safari on Mac

we all knew Netscape was killed by AOL for Microsoft.

the mozilla team in its new avataar, is doing a good job, after few iterations of firefox, Micrsoft will wakeup to find a formiddable competitor.

i am regularly using firefox, thunderbird on windows and linux.

if you see your stats or any other stats, opera is not in top 3 browser.

update on: September 28th, 2005

August 30
four days after this article i wrote, opera gave free registration code for opera on its anniversary for one full day.

September 20

It became official, opera will be giving adfree version as free,

This is one more instance, i was able to guage the trend/event before it was even apparent.

FYI I do not have any insider info, may be it was more intuition and reading some firefox basing, which lead to the prediction :) )

senthil nayagam

p.s. part of my select posts on mail groups and blog feedbacks

context: I got fedup with firefox bashing and replied back

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created:05/20/2006 08:58PM
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