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Hi, article was interesting and thought provoking.

what php has achieved without any godfather company backing is really great(java-sun, .net- microsoft, IBM etc).

i work for a micro multinational, php has given my organisation the parity to take on bigger competitors. with off the shelf regular webservers, are able to do manage a million hits a day, all ecommerce.

the same implementation on java, microsoft ,ibm, oracle or any other platform would have costed atleast 30-100 times more on licensing, hardware , support costs alone. Long live PHP.

recently heard, mysql was dumped from php5 as big blue offered in some megabucks for php to support its db technologies

Senthil Nayagam

context: my feedback for article posted on it was over a year ago. Now I am full time ruby on rails technical manager

p.s. part of my select posts on mail groups and blog feedbacks

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created:05/20/2006 08:45PM
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