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Buddha and Budhia


Buddha the CM of west bengal, an Communist bastion, has brought lot of changes to his state. state now does not sponsor strikes and labour problem, it is trying to show an IT friendly image. but yesterday they bagged an project competing from another state, though it is an achievement, but a controversy is brewing as it had snatched it from Kerala where communists are in power.


I lived in Bhubaneshwar, 6 months Ago. The trouble had started then itself, A budhia a small boy consider a prodigy by most people, he dont tires and can run upto 60 kms in a single stretch.
the only guy who dont want the boy and his coach, should get any  publicity, fame or sponsorship at all.

Orissa govt has gone extreme steps to prove the child is malnutritioned, is unhealthy, unfit to run. it is using state health ministry and machinery to do so.

the boy cannot run anymore in his birth state orissa. govt also ensured he does not get a chance to run in bangalore.

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created:06/24/2006 10:17PM
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