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Bazaar: Little Known Facts


user can provide feedback for each page, a very web 2.0 feature for users to give feedback on every page of the application,
be it bug reporting, requirement specifications, and feedbacks, this also captures the context and user info helping the developers and managers to get a comprehensive info about the needs.

nil handling
code and fix for

logging all actions for profiling purposes and tracking. this info helps us plan the application lifecycle in terms of where  optimisation is required. popular features. and comparing output between different users, different times etc.

RailsFactory Code Generation Tools.
RailsFactory is one of the largest Rails Consultancy in India, and we have worked on over 15 projects. this tool is outcome of the learning in those projects.

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 Bazaar still uses Rails 1.1.6 and not edge rails as some of you have assumed

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created:09/16/2007 10:29PM
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