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Anti Reservation Petition


Hi All,

Are you aware of the latest proposal of Ministry of HRD (Govt. of India)? They are planning to increase the quota of reserved seats by 27% which will make the reserved seats to 49.x%... leaving barely 50% seats to be filled on the basis of merit.

Are you ready to face the fact that - Our half of our nation will be nurtured not on the basis of merit but some other considerations?

Instead of giving reservation the Govt. can give free education or scholarship to the backwards if they get a seat. But seat should be given on merit only. If you really care for your future and against the reservation system in India then do check the following link.

If you want to raise your voice against it, then please sign an online petition here:

Please forward this mail to others... who feel in a similar way against this issue.

I have signed it my signature number for this petition is 113034.


A. Senthil Nayagam

above photos is showing protesting students in AIIMS, click the link to see more anti reservation photos on flickr by Praveen

p.s. part of my select posts on mail groups and blog feedbacks

context: anti reservation petition, which has been signed by 135453 (as of 22nd May 2006)

student protests are picking up in many parts of India , govt. is not doing anything, and is issuing statements which is fueling students anger

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created:05/21/2006 07:45PM
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