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user can provide feedback for each page, a very web 2.0 feature for users to give feedback on every page of the application,
be it bug reporting, requirement specifications, and feedbacks, this also captures the context and user info helping the developers and managers to get a comprehensive info about the needs.

nil handling
code and fix for

logging all actions for profiling purposes and tracking. this info helps us plan the application lifecycle in terms of where  optimisation is required. popular features. and comparing output between different users, different times etc.

RailsFactory Code Generation Tools.
RailsFactory is one of the largest Rails Consultancy in India, and we have worked on over 15 projects. this tool is outcome of the learning in those projects.

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 Bazaar still uses Rails 1.1.6 and not edge rails as some of you have assumed

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RailsRumble Vote for us

Senthil Nayagam

Some of you already know.

We have participated in RailsRumble, Ruby on rails competition which was held on 8th and 9th September, and we have done a good job.

 our project is called Bazaar, an Ecommerce Application

Bazaar means Shopping Area(aka Mall).

It is a online shopping site with shopping cart, product/inventory management, and other related activities.

 winners will be chosen from most/top voted application

please visit and vote for my project here

voting requires a small registration form to be filled

we are curently in top5 your vote can make a difference

you can also ask your friends to vote if it is good enough,

 total participants 92 from around the world, we are one of the 2 participant teams from India

If we win or make it into  top3 we will make this Application Open Source, and will continue developing it to make it the preferred ecommerce application  in Ruby on Rails


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learning by doing


some of you already know, My Team is building a Huge Rails Application. Nthid.
#this is in response to
Exception Notifier plugin is a great plugin. As a manager I ensure every crash is reported, analyzed and fixed.

I have few thousand mails which I have collected from exception notifier.
I have sorted the bugs by 
db (bad sql/connection/migration/
file(file not found/ file permissioning/file upload)
nil class
exception not properly handled
browser specific errors

we also do logging within application to know response time by for different actions.

we have a bug/request tracking system where we have over 300 tickets handled in last 3 months.

we have reduced the crashes and bugs by 95%(from Jan 2007) and are now optimising 

optimisation we were able to reduce the query by over 90%. by caching query results, improving algorithms.

with nearly 2000 commits in a year, we have learnt a lot about Rails and programming practices.

it has been a great learning experience.
each bug is potentially "how not to" program exercise :)

// I am getting lazy, writing more stuff as replies than as oroginal articles

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four things

Senthil Nayagam

four things which I have been thinking for a long time, but tried now

I am in Singapore

have bought a Canon TX1


downloaded and tested safari on windows


downloaded Jruby

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nthid alpha launch

Senthil Nayagam

I have been working on Nthid, it is a cutting edge social networking and communication application developed in ruby on rails.
yesterday we launched our alpha release to Friends and Family.

site is available at

you can request a account for beta release from if you have not done yet
our initial goal is to be 10x better than our competitors
I am the Engineering Head for Nthid project. Conceptualisation and fine grained inputs were from management(Srini, ttb, gaurab), my task was to model the business logic and get it working.

I am the one who will read all your feedbacks and bug reports.

my nthid primary account is Senthil , join me for a exciting journey

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Amazon EC2 startups and scalability

Senthil Nayagam

I have been investigating EC2 for over 2 months now.

after many years I am doing R&D and installations on linux.

we are seriously considering EC2/S3 for scaling for our startup.


have tested with following stacks

Ruby on rails
mysql 5
apache 2.23


 multimedia server

 there are still some peices missing in this jigsaw puzzle, hope amazon fixes those in time for our public launch

my expectation includes 

1) dedicated IP address
2) persistent storage
3) scalable DB solution(what if server crashes, I should not lose data)
4) support for load balancers

will update this article with additional information 

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from ideas to reality

Senthil Nayagam

Here is what my friend Dinesh, sent me just today. 

 We have been friends for over 3 years now, and we would discuss issues, ideas and other things. We would have brainstormed about over 50 concepts for startup we wanted to build.

things have changed a bit, we still discuss projects . but now I work for a startup, and Dinesh manages a Ruby on Rails, development firm. hope of some of our ideas would come out as viable projects in 2007.


"Below are the lines of Manirathnam about his movie Guru. This reflects most of our conversation about various products or projects... :)"

When did the basic spark about this character come to you?

Most ideas remain inside you for a while. You tell somebody when there is a spark or a thought, and leave it at that. You come back later, write down a few lines. I makes note in my mind on whether it can be made into a film or not. After a while, you take it again and structure it in three or four pages and see whether it becomes a story, and whether you can define the characters a little more. Then you may do something else, and come back after 6 months or one year to see whether it still makes sense to you. Only when things fall into place do you make a film. The gestation period could be something like 3 years.

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I have started up my company. We are offering development and consultancy in Ruby on Rails. 


We have a new office, 3 fulltime developers, 3 part-time developers, and many rails projects.

for all your Rails needs, you can contact us. 

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Rails Appliance Download Links


My public FTP request is still pending with my friend in the meantime please use    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    28.61 MB    6.01 MB

total downloads  size is about 300mb, total 11 files. you require winrar to extract it


if you can offer mirroring please mail me at

 your votes will encourage me, please do vote 

 you can give your feedback, requests, bug submissions on our forum 

If you cannot download from rapidshare, and cant wait for public FTP, I can fedex you the distribution(I cant do that for free, please mail me will give you rates)

will setup a paypal donation button for users interested in sponsoring this project



A.Senthil Nayagam




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